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How to buy

1.    Choose your favorite art work
2.    If the artwork is available for sale you will see the link "Order". Click on this link.
3.    You will be asked to fill out the order form (your name, e-mail, phone, city delivery, your wishes to order). Fill in the fields and click "Apply". Then confirm your order form.
4.    If the price of the artwork shown on the checkout page, you can pay online by clicking on «Pay Now». Automatically you are transferred to the secure payment system - AzeriCard. AzeriCard is the first Processing Centre in Azerbaijan completely certified by International Payment Systems: MasterCard, Visa and American Express.
5.    If the price of the artwork not listed on the registration page, it means that the price on request. After applying order form within an hour we will send you an email with the price of the artwork.
6.    If you do not want to pay online, please indicate this in the order form. Our representative will contact you to discuss all issues of the purchase and shipping.

Payment methods can be specified individually in each case.

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