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Elena Hagverdiyeva

Elena Hagverdiyeva

I suppose it all started ...  
when I, a little girl sitting in the middle of the Mongolia steppe.
The steppe was without end, without edge, without beginning.
... Or, I was so little.
    The huge golden balls, the size of me,
    rolling towards me from the horizon.
    Sensing the smell of wormwood, mint and wind.
    And for the first time, it was loneliness.
  Wind carried the balls towards me,
 spreading the seeds around me.
... Or I was so little.
I later learned that these were rolling stones, camel thorns, dry scrubs.
Learning that one cannot be lost in the steppe –
you can always find a way.
But then ...
It was so magical: loneliness, the vast, wind and golden ball seeds.
... Or I was so little.
But since then I remembered myself, and since then it all began.
My parents were getting older. I loved them fully.
School took its course and completed its routine, leaving Creţcu, my best friend.
My sister - there is no distance between us.

    The books about art.
   The first one was the «Tretyakov Gallery».
  My father brought it and solemnly presented it to me.
 Exploring the whole book over and over again, admiring each page.
Finally, I could recognize a master’s hand in fragments of the paintings.
My first dates and expectations.
Friends who remain friends forever.
The smell of paint and painting.
Unforgettable people I met.
Meeting Udzhal.
My husband.
   My son.
Sand castles collapsed under the sun, and constructed anew.
The process of growing up - if it has ever happened.
Beach, country houses, sea, my son’s childhood, kites.
Overcoming - the difficulties and myself. It happens all the time.
My habits, not always good, are the consequences of age.
 Fatigue - never! Gratitude!
Summing up and starting a new life - every Monday.
 Essence… essence is everything.
Farewells and partings… sometimes for forever. A sinking heart.
Life, which continues, and as a result – my paintings.



Elena Hagverdiyeva, member of the Union of Azerbaijani Artists (since 1997)


    * 2004-2006 Work on the painting of St. Bartholomew Church, Baku, Azerbaijan
    * 2004 First International Visual Art Expo “Art Caucasus”, Tbilisi, Georgia
    * 2004 International Art Exhibition, Tengry Umay Art gallery, Almaty, Kazakhstan
    * 2004 International Painting Symposium, Aktau, Kazakhstan
    * 2003 International Symposium, Sheki, Azerbaijan
    * 2002 Painting Exhibition “Absheron” Gallery, Baku, Azerbaijan
    * 2001 Hyatt International Centre , Baku, Azerbaijan
    * 2000 International Art Salon – 2000, Moscow, Russia
    * 2000 “Land Art”, Exhibitions and Projects, Azerbaijan
    * 1999 International Art Fair “Manege’99”, Moscow, Russia
    * 1997 The Labyrinth Show, S.Bakhulzade Gallery, Baku, Azerbaijan
    * 1997 The First Modern Art Biennale, The Georgian national Art Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia
    * 1996 International Biennally of Modern Art, Tbilisi, Georgia
    * 1995 Baku ART in Residence, Schlob Wolkersdorf, Vienna, Austria
    * 1994 International Painting Symposium, Vienna, Austria
    * 1993 ART Show, Baku ARTs Centre Gallery, Baku, Azerbaijan

Work on display

    * Union of Azerbaijani Artists, Baku, Azerbaijan
    * Ministry of Culture, Baku, Azerbaijan
    * Baku Art Centre, Baku, Azerbaijan
    * Azerbaijan State Gallery
    * Pennzoil Office, Baku Azerbaijan
    * Private Collections: Azerbaijan, France, Germany, Russia, Great Britain, Turkey, USA, Finland


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