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Asmar Narimanbekova

Asmar Narimanbekova
Born on 13.03.1961 in Baku, Azerbaijan
Works & lives in Baku, Azerbaijan & Paris, France
2010 lecturer of Fine Arts
since 1989 member of Baku Arts Center
since 1988 member of Azerbaijan Artists Union
since 1988 member of USSR Artists Union
1981 - 1986 studies at the State Academy of Arts Tbilisi, Georgia
Honoured titles
2002 Title “Honorary Artist” of Azerbaijan
- United Nations Gallery, New York, USA
- Ruskin Gallery, Boston, USA
- Sakharov Centre, New York, USA
- Kabakchi Gallery, Ankara, Turkey
- Ministry of Culture of China, Beijing, China
- Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan
- Ministry of Culture of Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia
- Gallery Absheron, Baku, Azerbaijan
- Modern Art Museum, Baku, Azerbaijan
- Artists Central Palace, Moscow, Russia
- Dix Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
- Museum Dahlem, Berlin, Germany
- Humay Gallery, London, UK
- "The Faberge Big Egg Hunt" Sotheby's, London, UK
- Galerie Bortone, Paris, France
- Unesco, Paris, France
- Private collections in Azerbaijan, France, Germany, USA, Poland, Switzerland, Finland, UK, Turkey, Russia,
Uzbekistan, Georgia, China
Asmar Narimanbekova was born in a family of eminent parents. Togrul Narimanbekov, her father, is a wellknown
Azerbaijani artist, and her mother Elmira Guseynova, a sculptor.
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