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Emil Aziz

Emil Aziz
Emil Aziz was born in 1984 in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku. 
1995: Moved to Istanbul, Turkey.
1997: Continued art education and worked with his father, a well-known painter Refik Aziz.
1999 : Exhibitions at The Marmara Hotel Art Gallery and Tekel Art Gallery, Istanbul. 
2000 : Exhibition at Pera Palace Hotel Art Gallery, Istanbul.
2004 : Exhibition at Settar Behlulzade Art Gallery (Gallery 1969), Baku.
2004  : Certificate award from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
2005  : Certificate award of The 1st International Turkish Grameen Micro-Credit Art Biennale,  Fighting Poverty in the World, Ankara.
2005 : Exhibition at Taksim Financial Advisors Art Gallery, Istanbul.
2006 : Exhibition at Koc Bank Art Gallery, Istanbul.
2007  : Graduated from Bogazici University - Department of Mathematics, Istanbul.
2009  : Yeditepe University, MBA in Marketing, Istanbul.
2010  : Exhibition at Edremit Tahtakuslar City Hall Art Gallery, Turkey.
2010  : Exhibition at Uskudar City Hall Art Gallery, Istanbul.
2011  : Member of UPSD - UNESCO Association of Art.
2012-present: Academician - Yeditepe University, Department of Mathematics.
2012  : Interview with World of Azerbaijan magazine, Baku.
2012  : Solo Exhibition “ARTISTanbul” - Besiktas Marine Museum, Istanbul.
2013  : '’Hissler” Exhibition, Arts Council Baku.
2013  : Interview with Nargis Magazine, Baku.
2013  : Turkey-Azerbaijan International Exhibition in honour of Haydar Aliyev’s 90th Anniversary, Dolmabahce Art Gallery, Istanbul. 
2014  : First solo exhibition in Baku "The Colors of the Sky", May 3-7.
2014  : Interview with Boutique Baku Magazine, Baku. 
2014  : Exhibited at VERA World of Fine Art Festival in Lisbon, Portugal, September 16-22.
2015: Solo Exhibition “Dreams” at the Museum Centre of Baku
2015: Exhibited during Art Shopping festival in Carrousel du Louvre
2016: Solo Exhibition at Port Baku Mall, 18-27 March 
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